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Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor.  

Your generosity will be widely recognized and the return on investment tremendous. 

Opportunities are limited, so please check out our sponsorship packages below and take the first step towards becoming an Official Sponsor today!


           Enhance your visibility to top quality talent. University of Washington has the most prestigious undergraduate and            graduate programs in the Pacific Northwest and are among the best in the nation.


           About 500 Doctorate students, 1000 Master students and 4000 undergraduate students will be graduating next                  year with many actively seeking employment opportunities right now.


           This Career Fair is the premier 科学 & 工程 recruiting event held on campus every year. 去年, there              were more than 25,200 hits on our career fair website, with over 125 companies and more than 2000 students in              attendance. 


           Your Support is Valuable.


SEBA is a non-profit professional association and a registered UW student organization with limited resources. 的 Career Fair is operated solely through the voluntary work of SEBA's student leadership and members. Your generous support will help sustain SEBA's mission and goals throughout the year, and will propel SEBA's vision of developing its membership into future leaders and professionals in business, 科学, 和工程.







           Complimentary Registration with the purchase of a sponsorship package ($1500)

           Enhanced advertisement in 威斯康辛大学日报》 西巴网站 and outgoing career fair emails to the University of                  美国学生.

To capture student attention and promote your brand among UW students, we will advertise your company on our platforms. We will feature an advertisement for sponsors in the UW Daily newspaper. Information such as About, 网堵app那些正规些, FAQs and other recruitment videos can be sent to us to post throughout the year. 最后, all email communications and flyers will bear your logo and announce your involvement in the career fair. 



Resume books are designed to provide recruiters and hiring managers with exclusive access to resumes of UW students who are actively seeking job or internship opportunities.We will offer a Resume book at least a week before the career fair to our sponsors. This provides the ability to preselect candidates of interest to you and contact them directly about your company’s offerings. 



Info sessions are a great way for recruiters to spread the word on their company, 文化, and opportunities in a quick and efficient way. We will provide you a platform to host an info session any day in October leading to the fair. We will advertise this to our student body and join you for the info session to ensure everything runs smoothly without any technical glitches. 


           Platinum Sponsor Lounge

Using an online platform, we will provide a unique lounge for our sponsors throughout the career fair day. This provides the opportunity for sponsors to invite students they preselected from the resume book to meet with them before the career fair starts. 鉴于握手, the career fair platform, has interview slots booked by students in advance, the sponsors lounge provides the extra space for sponsors to invite students to a private chat or interview session. Each sponsor will have a unique room and will share the link to their meeting room and a one time code to students they wish to invite. 


           Yearlong connections to UW and SEBA students

作为赞助商, we will offer you a year long access to UW students for webinars, information sessions or any student event you would like to host. We will also invite you to speak at our monthly “First Tuesday” meetings and be a part of our year long program for students.